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Heavy Metals Detoxification

Metals in the body can cause many problems. They lower our immune systems and allow for allergies (food and environmental) and for the survival of bacteria, viruses, parasites, and yeast in our bodies. They tend to have an affinity for nervous tissue. Some early symptoms include fatigue, headaches, forgetfulness, inability to concentrate, apathy, depression, outbursts of anger, decline of intellect, dim or restricted vision, hearing difficulty or ringing in the ears, speech disorders, loss of memory, lack of coordination, emotional instability, kidney damage, asthma, sinusitis, excessive perspiration, constipation or diarrhea, anxiety, insomnia, . . . These are actually only from mercury vapor exposure. 

Aluminum can add anemia, Alzheimer's, ALS, hypo-parathyroidism, Parkinson's, and neuromuscular disorders. There are many other symptoms, as different metals have different effects on the 


Exposure can be from dental work, cookware, anti-perspirants, drinking water, processed cheese, bleached flours, baking powders, pesticides, beer, table salt, paints, cosmetics, fungicides, wood preservatives, seafood, processed meats, instant coffee, cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes from cars, hair dye, medications, fabric softeners, hydrogenated oils, margarines, imitation whip creams, commercial peanut butter, vaccinations, in utero from mother to child, breast milk, and vegetarian products. 

Many chelation treatments are hard on the body and remove metals from tissues and put them into circulation where they are deposited into the kidneys. The kidneys have a tremendous amount of work to do. They filter all of your blood 200 times a day, which is about 2000 quarts in an adult. Whereas the liver gets a break, the kidneys never have a rest period. The filters never get exchanged or cleaned. The metals are still in the body and wreak havoc on your kidneys and body. You may not recognize the signals that they are having a problem. These symptoms can range from mid-back pain, low back pain, tight low back muscles, psoriasis, eczema, high blood pressure, kidney stones, fluid retention, urination at night, prostate problems, bladder infections, low energy, heart problems, and all of the various symptoms that come from metals in the body. When the kidneys are congested by toxic build up, the skin can be pressed into service and act as a third kidney. It is very common to have skin out-breaks as the body is simply trying to get the poisons out. Cortisone can alleviate the symptoms, but unfortunately steroids simply drive the poisons back in and keep them from leaving the body. Most of the time it is not necessary to treat the skin to alleviate these problems, unless the symptoms are unbearable. 

The removal of metals using Nutrition Response Testing is quite specific. We will be monitoring your organs for detoxification as the metals leave your body. You may hear me talk about chelating agents and drainage products. For most, the body has started the process of moving the metals to these various detox organs in an effort to remove them. Remember that the body recognizes foreign living organisms which do not belong (like a bacteria, virus or parasite). The body naturally wants to eliminate them. Unfortunately, the body becomes overwhelmed by metals and starts to accept them as naturally present, allowing them to remain in surrounding tissues. Also the parotid gland located in the cheek, which tags these metals as foreign, becomes exhausted. This is especially true if there are metals implanted in the mouth through dental work. 

Nutrition Response Testing allows us to find the organs troubled by metals and use various specific drainage remedies to allow them to leave the organ.  They are bio-chemically active and increase circulation in a specific organ system. As the metals are removed, different organs may need assistance. We may have to alternate drainage. We do this to keep the process going and to hopefully avoid any symptoms of detox or "healing crisis." Many of these drainage remedies are liquid homeopathies formulated in Germany over the last 150 years. Because they keep the metals from building up and re-entering the tissue cells, it is absolutely necessary to take the drainage remedies! Once starting a metal detox, it is very important to keep your weekly appointments. If you start to have adverse symptoms, stop taking supplements and if necessary, schedule to come in earlier so 

that we can re-check drainage. As your health and diet improves, things can change very rapidly. Take this as a good sign!! Some of these drainage remedies are scolopendrium, solidago, bucco, hepatica, lymphonest, pulmonest, allernest, garlic, arginex, antronex, allerplex, AC Carbamide, and others. As much as we try to pull the metals through the bowels, sometimes the body has a different plan. There are times when additional support is necessary for the detox organs and that is 

determined on a case-by-case basis. 

We may also use metal chelators. These are used to pull metals like magnets out of the tissue cells. As we are pulling them out, it is extremely necessary to keep them moving by using drainage remedies. We want them to make one pass through. We don't want them to enter the tissue cells again, thereby damaging more cells and possibly different organs. Some of these chelators are Parotid PMG, chlorella, cilantro, Cholacol II, HVS Metals and Chemicals. 

Think of the chelators as the shower head and the drainage remedies as the drain. We will be monitoring to make sure the drain is open and that the shower head is not running too fast. 

Although you may be testing for other metals, we will monitoring your progress by watching the Aluminum and Mercury levels as these are the most common. 1X is the highest concentration found in the body. At 200 and 300X there is a low enough concentration to not effect the patient, and for the patient to have noticeable reduction in symptoms. We will be checking the resonance to make sure levels are coming down. Pretty exciting right?  

Once this process is started, it's like a clown pulling a multi-colored scarf from his sleeve, the metals keep changing and coming.  Remember, metals lower the immune system, and as we begin to remove them many of the bugs that have been plaguing you will come to the surface.  This is good, but can be accompanied by some symptoms.  This is the correct order for dealing with these bugs, whether they are fungal, mold, viral, bacterial, or parasitic.  As long as the metals are there, you are whipping a dead horse when trying to get your immune system to eradicate them.   You will throw away countless dollars on supplements and try diets that will fail you because you haven't first eliminated the suppressor.  As these immune challenges come up we will give the immune system what it needs to deal with them.  Unfortunately, some of these metals and immune challenges will come up again as we get down to cleaning off at a cellular level, as some of them have the ability to effect cellular replication.  We will help you handle them at that final level. 

Many of you have asked about removing metals from your mouth. I can't recommend that you do this. But should you make this decision there is a safe way and a very wrong and dangerous way. You must detox before and after removal

Removal must be done by a dentist knowledgeable in the ways of removing toxic metals and keeping the vapors down to an absolute minimum. For more information read the books Dentistry Without Mercury, by Sam Ziff and Michael F. Ziff, DDS and Root Canal Cover Up, by George E. Meinig DDS, FACD. 

Also, it would be good to have replacement products checked to ensure there are no allergies to them. If you would like to bring in a sample in from your dentist, we can check them against your allergy point during your visit. Be careful to make sure that the replacements have absolutely NO metals in them. Unfortunately many of the composites, crowns, and root replacements contain aluminum. 

I would recommend for those of you who have metals in your mouth, that you purchase chlorella at the front desk. [Open one to two of these capsules and pour into a cup. Add a small amount of filtered water to make a thick soup. Put into mouth and chew thoroughly for a couple of minutes, then spit out.] As long as the metals are in your mouth, this is a good practice at least once a day. 

Join us and start Living Well on Purpose today!  Your body will thank you for it!

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