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helping you improve the quality of your life
Welcome to Living Well!

My name is Dr. Jennifer Owens. My purpose in becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic and earning a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition was simply to help people improve the quality of their lives.  I practice with the intent of helping people to start
living well on purpose.

We use CBP or
ChiroBioPhysics primarily to improve structure and posture.  I chose this technique because it specializes in full spine and pelvis correction.  We use rehabilitative procedures which have a firm foundation in the sciences of biomechanics and physics.  After several years of practice, I realized there was an overall decline in people's health, especially in children.  I realized that focusing on structure and the nervous system alone was not enough. 

People need to know how to eat ... to rebuild themselves, especially their nervous systems, with quality parts! It is a wrong assumption to believe that you can rebuild yourself with junk parts and get a positive performance body! To be quite honest, I was one of those people.  After having my three children, I had chronic fatigue and perimenopause set in at age thirty!  The health of my third child was incredibly affected by my poor health.  She had eczema horribly and was so tiny.  Every cold hit her lungs hard and she and I both had a year without sleep.  I knew I had to find answers for us.  I began to search desperately. 

Those answers came with
Standard Process whole food supplements and diet information from Weston A. Price and a technique called Balancing Body Pathways.  The changes in my health have been miraculous and I am so thankful!

Now I thank God for the incredible motivation because it has allowed me to help so many others with what I have learned. What an awesome realization to my original purpose.

I hope that you will come join the family and start LIVING WELL today!

Your good health could be on the tip of your tongue - The Power of Words

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