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High cholesterol?

What is the REAL CAUSE of high cholesterol and what can you do? Over and over again I tell my patients, blaming cholesterol for heart problems is like blaming a scab for a cut. Cholesterol is simply answering the alarm your body is sounding ... by attempting to put out a fire in your arteries and keep you from springing a leak. Lowering the cholesterol doesn't put out the fire, it simply reduces your firefighters and disables your fire trucks. Here is an opportunity to go one step back and investigate for yourself. Specific lab testing can help determine who is the arsonist and are often not done in lieu of a simple cholesterol test which gives very little information. 

Homocysteine is a very big culprit in causing inflammation in the arteries leading to atherosclerosis. It can also damage the nervous system and lead to anxiety, panic attacks, and dementia. Hemoglobin A1c shows how stable the glucose was in the blood over the previous two to three months. High blood sugar causes irritation and inflammation in the arteries. This is also known as a rate of aging test. How sticky and sugary things are in your blood vessels indicates how quickly you are aging. This is one reason why many life insurance companies run this test before insuring you.  Aren't they smart?! 

Elevated Lipoprotein (a) or Lipo (a) indicates increased repair work going on in the arteries and shows a 300% increased risk factor. This is much more indicative of a problem than the basic HDL/LDL numbers that are typically done. Fibrinogen is also indicative of repair work in the arteries and clot risks. Ferritin is the most reliable indicator for total body iron stores. High levels of iron, a very aggressive mineral, could be causing inflammation and blood sugar issues. CRP (C-Reactive Protein) indicates systemic inflammation, even in very early stages. Don't we want to know if there is inflammation in the blood vessels? See my article on Omega 3's to know one thing to do about inflammation.   Stop by the office today and pick up the oils that are right for your health.  

Last but not least, we can check our TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) and Free T4. When we are having difficulty with our thyroid gland, we might also see increased cholesterol levels. There are more ways to check our thyroid than just the blood.  Check further my article on the thyroid gland

If you need help interpreting your results, I will be glad to help you track down your arsonist.  Every single one of these results can be dealt with by the right diet and nutrition specific for you!! 

Nutrition Response Testing helps us to determine the specific stressors on the body that may be causing these elevations and helps  to determine  what  vitamins and minerals your body needs to 

handle these stresses.  As I often tell my patients, unfortunately anything can cause anything.  You must first remove the stress or help the body put out the fire with the proper nutrition before lab work will normalize according to your needs. (Which may not fit into "normal" ranges.) 

Join us and start Living Well on Purpose today!  Your body will thank you for it!

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