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Is your thyroid behaving?

Is your thyroid behaving?  Here’s how you can tell.  Thyroid and other endocrine imbalances are quickly becoming one of the most missed diagnosed health issues we as patients face. There are quite possibly 13-52 million undiagnosed hypothyroid cases in America. This is quite frustrating for those suffering the symptoms without any form of true help or diagnosis. 

Some of the symptoms of thyroid imbalances are: 

• Acne, eczema, dry skin, psoriasis 

• Cystic breast & ovaries 

• Coronary artery disease, heart palpitations, high cholesterol 

• Decreased sex drive 

• Depression 

• Difficulty swallowing 

• Fatigue; chronic fatigue 

• Hair loss 

• Low immune systems, repeated infections 

• Cold hands/feet, intolerance to cold/heat 

• Headaches 

• Muscle loss/weakness 

• Weight problems 

• P.M.S. 


Many of my patients have been checked for thyroid problems by blood work and been told that their thyroid checks out fine. YOU MUST stay informed. Many of the labs use outdated normal ranges and could be missing your problem. There are also reasons why only checking blood work can miss thyroid problems. In the blood, many hormones are not active yet. They still have to be converted into an active form at a cellular level. Our bodies may be missing a key step in the conversion process, a process driven by necessary, natural vitamins and minerals. Also, those of us with a congested liver, cannot convert to an active form because the liver is one of the major organs responsible for this step. Imbalances in hormones, in particular estrogen, can also decrease thyroid hormone. This includes hormone replacement therapy and birth control. In fact there are many 

medications that can decrease conversion to an active hormone! Iodine deficiency can decrease your ability to make thyroid hormone. Believe it or not, even eating soy can also reduce your thyroid function!!!!! 

Hypothyroid symptoms can be caused by many things and Nutrition Response Testing can help decipher what is bringing about these symptoms. 

If you or someone you know have any of these symptoms and would like more information about the testing available, please contact us. 

Join us and start Living Well on Purpose today!  Your body will thank you for it!

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