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to salt or not to salt ...
True or False?  All salt is the same.  If you can't answer this question with certainty, the answer is DON'T SALT.  Refined table salt has only two major elements: sodium and chloride.  It is chemically treated to refine and prevent clumping, then bleached to attain perfect white color.  It can sit on the shelf forever without going bad because all nutrition is now removed.  Does this chemical cocktail sound good for you?  No, of course not.  In fact, refined table salt sounds quite toxic!

On the other hand, unrefined sea salt contains over 80 minerals and elements including sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium, silica, iron, zinc, copper, manganese ..... and many others.  
True or False?  All sea salts are the same.  Until you can answer this one ..... no salt for you!!  Sea salts are NOT all the same.  In fact many are refined and are no better for you than table salt!  We use, recommend, and offer Celtic Sea Salt from a company in Arden, NC.  The salt comes from the coast of northwestern France, and it is naturally harvested to retain natural goodness and high mineral content, as you can see by the graph.  You'll taste the difference, and you'll never want toxic table salt again!  

Have you heard that salt increases the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease?  We are saturated with misinformation; the data is highly inconclusive.  In fact 
some studies suggest that low salt diets increase risk of myocardial infarct (heart attacks) and reduced cognitive function!  Low salt diets have never been shown to lower blood pressure by more than a few points.  What's more, all these studies have been done with poisonous, adulterated table salt.  Probably the only real changes seen were due to an improved diet from cutting out high sodium junk foods!  Whether you use refined table salt or eliminate salt altogether, you limit sodium, potassium, magnesium, iodine and many other trace minerals.  Limiting these minerals cripples your body's ability to function optimally for you.  This includes a negative effect on the heart and the thyroid and adrenals, the back-up system to the heart.

There is only one way to find out what is true for you.  If you have high blood pressure, drop table salt from your diet for several weeks and monitor your blood pressure.  Note whether there is a significant decrease in blood pressure.  Then add Celtic Sea Salt back into your diet and watch the changes.  

Although I have never suffered from high blood pressure, I can speak for the benefits of Celtic Sea Salt.  There were times at the height of my sickness when I would reach the middle of a sentence and not remember what I was saying ... or get to a room and not remember why I went there.  The foggy headedness in the late afternoon drove me nuts!!  I discovered that if I put a pinch of sea salt on my tongue and drank 8-16 ounces of spring water, I would feel immensely better.  The positive charge seemed to start the neurons firing again.

Make the switch and start Living Well on Purpose today!